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Name Presenters
From Corona to 'Rona: The journey of one horn quartet in and out of the Pandemic ‘Rona Quartet
Trio for Viola, Horn, and Piano by William White Albert Houde
Reimaginings by Frank Gulino Albert Houde
Audition Prep for the Mere Mortal Albert Houde
The Best Seat in the House (assistant to the principal) Albert Houde
Tray for horn, flute, clarinet by Marie A. Douglas Amy Laursen
Andrew Bain's Play Along Warmup - "Moving Through the Range" Andrew Bain
Autolalia, for horn by Cory Brodack, IHS53 World Premiere Performance Andrew Pelletier
Beyond Bach: Using Arrangements of Cello Sonatas to expand the Virtuoso Low Horn Rep Andrew Sehmann
Solo Horn: Poyopoyo by Dai Fujikura Andrew Sehmann
Distant Stars: A Performer's Analysis of O. Messiaen's Appel Interstellaire & P. Dukas' Villanelle Angela DiBartolomeo
Being in Life by Sheila Silver for horn, alphorn, Tibetan Singing Bowls & String Orchestra Ann Ellsworth
Horn Lessons in Anti-Racism Ann Ellsworth
New Exercises for Your Daily Warmup Routine Ashley Beyer
That Dreaded Kopprasch: Tips & Tricks for Tackling Technical Etudes Ashley Cumming
Solo Performance: Capriole by Alice Ping Yee Ho Ashley Cumming
Suite for Wind Quintet by Amanda Harberg Aspen Winds
Horn Ensemble: Horns United "As One" Project Aspen Winds,TJ Viola,Marc Lumley
The Horn Around The World Austin Larson
Bayres Horns Play Piazzolla Bayres Horn
Empyrean Skies by James Naigus for horn, oboe and piano Benjamin Lieser
A Whale for Climate Change by Nirmali Fenn Blair Hamrick
Self-Ensembles: Virtual Ensemble Performances with a Distinct Style Braydon Ross
An Inside Look at: Songs of Strength and Hope composed by Dr. Kristofer Sanchack Brenda Luchsinger
Songs of Strength & Hope for soprano, horn, piano by Kristofer Sanchack Brenda Luchsinger; Adonis Gonzalez; Cordelia Anderson; Kristofer Sanchack
Solos for Horn and Wind Band: The Current State Brent Shires
Konzerstuck performed by University of Kentucky Graduate Horn Quartet Briana Pepilascov-Childers
Expanding Your Quartet Library - Cobalt Quartet Caroline Steiger
Amber Waves by Evan Williams for horn & electronics Caroline Steiger
Stories Without Words: horn music by Catherine Likhuta Catherine Likhuta and Peter Luff
Central Washington University Horn Ensemble Central Washington University Horn Ensemble
Practicing & Preparing for Success Charles "Skip" Snead
Panel Discussion: Marginalized Identities in Horn: A Panel by Chromatic Brass Collective Chromatic Brass Collective
Solo Recital: Chromatic Brass Collective Chromatic Brass Collective
Chamber Showcase: Chromatic Brass Collective Chromatic Brass Collective
Outside the Orchestra: A panel by Chromatic Brass Collective Chromatic Brass Collective
Brass Ensemble Concert: Chromatic Brass Collective Chromatic Brass Collective
Forming a Union at your College / University Colleen Wolf
ConcerTrio (horn, trumpet, piano) featuring Brazilian composers ConcerTrio
Determining an Ideal Posture for Hornists Daniel Nebel
Solo Performance: Two New Works for Horn Daniel Nebel
Improvisation Made Easy David Law
Practice Room Yoga Dr. Candace Neal
Lecture Recital:New Transcription of R. Schumann's 5 Pieces in Folk Style Dr. Cathryn Cummings
Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings by Benjamin Britten Dr. Deanna Carpenter
Wichita Summer Horn Ensemble DR. JEB WALLACE
Three Little Preludes by Joseph Jones DR. JEB WALLACE
Overuse Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Horn Pedagogy Dr. Jena Gardner
Mindfulness for Horn Players: Get in Tune with Your Mind Dr. Kevin Miescke
Appalachia by Lydia Lowery-Busler & I Threw a Shoe at a Cat by Catherine Likhuta Dr. Lauren Harding
Masterclass: Alternative Approaches to Excerpt Preparation Dr. Matthew Mauro
2020 IHS Composition Contest Winners Interview and Performance Dr. Randall E. Faust & Dr. Jena E. Gardner
The Life and Works of Hermann Neuling (1897-1967) Dr. Robert Stonestreet
Sonatina for Horn & Piano by Ruth Gipps Dr. Tracy J. Bass
Mind Mapping Your Practice Dr. Tracy J. Bass
Lesions for Clarinet, Horn and Cello by Catherine Likhuta Dr. Zachary Cooper
Quartet for Clarinet, Horn, Cello & Snare Drum Dr. Zachary Cooper
Dylan Hart Lecture: Mouthpieces & Acoustics of the Horn Dylan Skye Hart
Conical Connections: Music Featuring Horn & Tuba (and Piano!) Eastern Standard
Low Horn: The Case for Specialization Edward Deskur
The Difference Between Central European vs. American/British Approaches to Horn Playing Edward Deskur
Creating the Horn Playing from the Inside Out eBook Eli Epstein
Q&A masterclass with Eli Epstein Eli Epstein
Ruth Gipps and the Horn Emily Britton
4th Horn Concerto by Mozart Emma Brown
Hunting Chorus from Der Freischuetz Emma Brown,IHS Student Advisory Council Ensemble
Panel Discussion: IHS Student Advisory Committee Emma Brown,Yui Ginther,Dana Reckard,Mary Haddix
Building Sustainable and Vibrant Community Horn Ensembles Emma Gregan
Jazz in the Horn World Erika J. Arango
Margaritas accessorios Presentation Gabriella Ibarra
On the Stroke of Midnight by H. Buss Gene P Berger
Sleep by Eric Whitacre, arranged for 8 horns Geoffrey Pilkington
Explore by Steven Juliani, PROMO Geoffrey Pilkington,Mark Almond,Wei-Ping Chou,Michelle Baker,Nathaniel Silberschlag,Robert Rearden,Julia Pilant,Kevin Rivard,Julie Landsman,The 8D Sound
Discussion: Minnesota State Horn Repair Greg Beckwith
Necessary Skills for the 21st Century Horn Player Heidi Lucas
Historic Brass Society Historic Brass Society
IHS 53 Opening Ceremony IHS Student Advisory Council Ensemble,Andrew Pelletier
Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and the Horn Ion Balu
Horn Maintenance on the Go by Balu Musik Ion Balu
Warm-Up Session: English J. Bernardo Silva
Warm-Up Session: Portuguese J. Bernardo Silva
Warm-Up Session: Spanish J. Bernardo Silva
Streaming - HORN XXI J. Bernardo Silva & João Araújo
Two World Premieres for Horn and Piano James Boldin
Burnout Prevention James Boldin
Connection - Concerto for Horn and Orchestra by Oscar Navarro. Javier Bonet with the Thailand Philharmonic Javier Bonet
New Paths - Recital of Seven World Premieres for Horn & Piano Javier Bonet
Ab Origine by Salvador Brotons Javier Bonet
Congratulations on your new college teaching job! - now what? Jean Martin-Williams (she/her/hers)
IHS: The First 50 Years Jeffrey Snedeker
Meifred, Bremond, & the Final Transition to the Valved Horn at the Paris Conservatoire Jeffrey Snedeker
Natural Horn Conundrum Jeffrey Snedeker
I Have My Lesson Assignments. Now What? Jennifer Ratchford Sholtis
Pitch Bending - "Bend, Don't Break!" Joel Ockerman
Frizelle Competition Orchestral Excerpt Masterclass Johanna Lundy
Solo Performance: Luminous - Music from France & Belgium Johanna Lundy
Transposition 101 - The Whys and Hows of Transposition Jonas Thoms
Reflections by Ricardo Matosinhos Jonas Thoms
Reflections, Op. 71 by Ricardo Matosinhos Jonas Thoms
Overlooked Horn Music from the Czech Republic, Finland, and Lithuania Jonathan Snyder, DMA
A History of Multiphonics on the Horn Jordan Bennett
Weightless Horn - it makes sense! Jouko Antere
Superhuman by Saga Soderstrom Jukka Harju's Horn Class
IHS General Membership Meeting Julia Burtscher,Andrew Pelletier
Making the Most of Your Time as a Music Education Major Julia Freeman
Where are the Women in Brass Academia? Kate Warren
The Music of Douglas Hill: A Pedagogical Approach Katie Johnson-Webb
A Dissonant History: French Horn Players of African Descent in 18th & 19th century United States Katy Ambrose
Three Portraits for Solo Horn by Kerry Turner Kerry Turner
Wunlit by Shawn Okpebholo Kim Rooney Hagelstein
Twelve-Tone Waltz from Nine Pieces for Solo Horn by Kerry Turner Kristina Mascher-Turner
Horn Sonata in Two Movements by Martin Ellerby Kristine M. Coreil
Performing in Chamber Orchestras, with Kristy Morrell Kristy Morrell,Michael Thornton
LA Horn Club 70th Anniversary Celebration! LA Horn Club 70th Anniversary Tribute
Warm-up: Drop the Beat with pop songs Lanette Lopez Compton
Ewazen Horn Concerto, Mvt. 2 Larry Williams
A New Degree for Horn in Jazz Lauren McKinney Braud
Grand Quartet op. 26 by Jacques-Francois Gallay Les Cors Ordinaires
Etudes in the Concert Hall Leslie Norton
5 Pieces: Forster, Cherubini, Schumann, Saint Saens, Strauss Lucca Zambonini
Warm-Up: Incorporating Yogic Practices into Your Daily Routine Lydia Van Dreel
Horn Studio Class Ideas Margaret Tung
La Calavera" by Alice Gomez Margaret Tung
Azure Dawn by Frank Gulino for horn, trombone, piano Margaret Tung,Joseph Rodriguez,Jacob Coleman
Panel Discussion: Billy Strayhorn's Suite for Horn & Piano from Concept to Publication Mark Taylor,Willie Ruff,W. Marshall Sealy,John Edwin Mason,Katy Ambrose
Sound Production Intensive Matthew C. Haislip
Arapacana (WP) by MH Dixon & Little Red Riding Hood for 4 Horns by Hallam Michael Hugh Dixon
Quality Over Quantity: Efficient Practice Habits to Prepare for Effective Performance Mikayla McCommas
Mollie Pate and the Lousiana Phil Orch Horn Sound Mollie Pate and the LPO Horn Sound
Concertino by Lars-Erik Larsson Nikolette LaBonte
Gender Stereotyping in Instruments: How it affects your students everyday and what you can do to combat it Nikolette LaBonte
Siegfried Fantasie for 8 Horns by R Wagner arr. K. Stiegler Octeto Feminino do Brasil
3 Works by Hughes, Likhuta, Naigus Oklahoma State University Octet
Mozart Horn Quintet Pablo Ahumada
Fresh Inc. Festival Composer Alumni Showcase Parker Nelson
Vienna Calling Peter Dorfmayr,Prof.Gerhard KULMER,Angelo Nuzzo
Lecture Recital: Vienna Horn Prof.Gerhard KULMER,Angelo Nuzzo,Peter Dorfmayr
Brazilian Popular Music Style: How to Play Choro and Frevo Radegundis Tavares
Warm-Up Focusing on Sound Emission Radegundis Tavares
What's a Half-Step Between Friends? Randall Faust
A Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Your Horn-Playing Goals Randy C. Gardner
Masterclass: Mastering the Horn's Low Register Randy C. Gardner
An All-American Horn Recital Rebecca Salo
Gregorian Chant for the Horn Rhett Barnwell
A Method for Planning Exercises on a Daily Basis Ricardo Matosinhos
7 Deadly Warmups for Days When Practice Time is Limited Russ Henning
Denise Tryon & Her Contribution to Repertoire for Low Horn Rusty Holmes
Revolutionary Recitals: Tips to Transcend the Concert Hall Sam Gowen
Building Creativity - and Confidence - Through Improvisation Sarah Schmalenberger
Just Two Argentinian Tango Sarah Schouten
Seattle Symphony Horns Recital Seattle Symphony Horns
Panel Discussion: Music in the Military SFC J.G. Miller,Amy Horn,Steve Schaughency,Kat Robinson,Patrick Cauthers,Jean-Claude Braun
Italian Composers concert for IHS53 Sicilian Horn Ensemble
Beautiful Articulation: Understanding the Valsalva Maneuver Steph Smith
Serenade for Guitar, Flute and Horn by Dickhut Stephen Lawson
Stephens Custom Horns "Hammered" Presentation Steve Shires
Music of Czech-Born Composers, Kofron, Rosetti, Nelhybel Steven Gross
Solo Performance: Daniel Baldwin, Concerto for Horn, Adagio cantabile; freely Steven Gross
International Horn Competition of America Presentation Steven Gross
Sunday Five Wind Quintet Sunday Five Wind Quintet
Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael, with Denver Brass Susan McCullough
By the Lake Sai by Tatsuhiko Nakahara Takeshi Hidaka
The Bluffs Horn Club The Bluffs Horn Club
Bernardo Silva - University of Aveior "Epic Sounds" The University of Aveiro Horn Ensemble
New Brazilian Composition for Solo Horn Tiago Carneiro
Sur Les Cimes by Eugene Bozza TJ Viola
Working Out to Play the Horn Tobias Heinz
Playing from the Core - A New Method for Horn Tommi Hyytinen
Gone Tomorrow by Jenni Watson for horn, alto sax, fixed media Travis Bennett
Triple Play Premiere, original composition Triple Play
War Horse by John Williams arr. Dei Rossi UC - Santa Barbara Horn Ensemble
Panel Discussion: Natural Horn Ulrich Hubner,Ab Koster,Claude Maury,Anneke Scott,Marjolaine Goulet,Richard Seraphinoff
Gratitude for Horn Octet by Douglas Hill University of Louisiana Monroe Horn Ensemble
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Horn Studio UTRGV Horn Studio, Dr. Monica C. Martinez,Monica C. Martinez
The Growth of Horn Playing in Kenya Vitalis Wagome; Wanja Nganga; Shaka Marko Lwaki
Chamber Music Performance: Volante Winds Volante Winds
Virginia Songs by Andrew Boysen West Virginia University Horn Ensemble
Third Shore Collective William Schneider
Quinta Anauco Autor Aldemaro Romero Yris Moreno
A Cell Phone Concert in Honor of Lydia Van Dreel Yris Moreno
Diablo Suelto Medley Yris Moreno
Yamaha (Music on the Rocks)