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The International Horn Society: The First 50 Years


This volume commemorating the 50th anniversary of the International Horn Society is presented in a format befitting such a celebration. The book combines photos and other visual aspects found in coffee table books with narrative historical accounts of the formation of the society and its activities over its first half-century. The book will have a faux leather cover and approximately 210 full color pages, covering all workshops and symposia, publications, commissioning programs and projects, scholarships and other programs, and a look at the people that make up the IHS community. A special section for our business supporters is also included. This wonderful celebration of the IHS has a presale price of $50 when purchased in conjunction with registration for IHS 53. After the symposium ends on August 13, the price will increase to $75. Shipping charges will be added based on location/address. Delivery of this book is expected in late August or early September.

The order form may only be accessed by clicking the links in the symposium app (search for "ihs 53" in the Apple App Store or Google Play) or the web app. On the overview page, click the book icon labeled "The First 50 Years." Once the Exhibit Hall opens, you can select "Exhibit Hall," find the IHS "booth," click "visit" and then click the link at the bottom right corner of the listing for the pre-order form.

If you haven't yet registered for the symposium: